AfroCognition Blog

The AfroCognition Blog is a communication tool of ISAAC whose purpose is to create a collaborative among scholars to achieve solutions to educationalproblems facing African American children.  The AfroCognition Blog is a forum designed to expand awareness and understanding of critical issues related to the achievement of African-American children by illuminating policy issues at the local, state and national levels.  
Persons in the ISAAC community will be able to respond to issues as they arise and mobilize activists through social networking technology.  This  blog will be a dynamic venue for reaching consensus on issues and registering opinions on public policy that affects the education of African American children.

AfroAdvocacy Blog

The mission of the AfroAdvocacy Blog is to immediately provide advice and counsel for parents of African American children (and all children) through a volunteer network of editors and consulting editors.  Parents will be provided an opportunity to seek advice from a network of educators who are affiliated with ISAAC.  Parents who have heard about ISAAC have called for advice because the need is so great.  Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and John Brown did not wait for the Emancipation Proclamation before they did something.  Likewise, we cannot wait for our proposals to be funded to provide the advice and support that is desperately needed by the families of our children. 
Articles will be posted, information will be shared that will enable families to navigate the educational systems that can be weapons of oppression or instruments of liberation.  By giving families a place to go for advice, we can turn schools that are stumbling blocks into the stepping stones they were intended to be.