Hoop Dreams

Clinical services will be offered by ISAAC through Athletic Advisors.  These will be counselors who will confer with parents who need advice in guiding their children through participation in sports to the achievement of college scholarships.  The Advocates will be available on a sliding fee scale basis.  Clients will be charged based upon their ability to pay. 

African American excellence and dominance in sports is legendary.  However, there are ever escalating demands for higher academic performance in order for athletes to qualify for participation at every level.  These initiatives are rarely evaluated in terms of the impact they will have on African American children.  Likewise, there is very little support provided to African American families in meeting those standards.  Rhoden (2006) in $40 million dollar slaves, makes the point that in years gone by the fortunes of African American athletes were circumscribed by violence and intimidation.  Today their fortunes are circumscribed by rules and regulations.  So, raising the bar on ACT and SAT tests serves the same function as "gentleman agreements" in previous generations.  

African American parents need support in guiding their children to sports scholarships to college.  They need information about the availability of traveling teams.  They need support as they make decisions regarding secondary preparatory schools.  There are acres of land mines and quicksand that have to be navigated in order for children to harness their talents and reap the benefits of them.  ISAAC will provide such support.