Cultural Enrichment Clearinghouse

Numerous organizations across the country have volunteers who put together tutoring, mentorship, teen pregnancy prevention, academic competitions and other such African American child enrichment programs with little knowledge of what is being done along the same lines in other communities. This results in gross duplication of effort in the design and implementation of such programs.  There is very little sharing and exchange of information. This results in huge amounts of charitable effort and dollars being expended with very little focus and coordination of effort.

ISAAC will offer a Clearinghouse which religious, fraternal and civic organizations can access for assistance in the design and evaluation of child/youth enrichment programs. A data base will be created providing names and contact information of groups who sponsor programs designed to enhance the fortunes of African American children. ISAAC will stimulate networking so that organizations can share program designs, start-up kits and evaluation prototypes to reduce duplication of effort by volunteers.  ISAAC will also create a data base of educational programs and approaches that actually work – model schools.