Redefining Achievement for Cultural Excellence and Community Transformation

LaToya Russell
Georgia State University

"In 1954, we were invited to disperse, to disorganize, to forsake cultural identity as the antidote to segregation…Through our attempts at achieving the goal of dispersion and disunity we gradually began to lose the very thing that had sustained us before, a strong sense of history, culture, identity and destiny" (Hilliard, 1995, p. 62).

"The individualist, opportunist orientation of American education has been ruinous to the American community and most obviously, of course, to the Black community. In the end, it not only upgrades out of the community those individuals who might be its natural leaders, fragmenting and weakening precisely those communities in greatest need of strengthening, it dooms the rest" (Boggs, 1969, p. 70).

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