Education Watch

Our intent is to monitor developments in education and evaluate them in terms of their impact on African American children.  Often the bar is raised in terms of ever escalating standards of performance that are required of children.  There is a trend toward moving academic content down to lower grade levels which works for affluent children who attend high quality preschool programs.  However, these initiatives are rarely evaluated in terms of the impact they will have on African American children.  Rhoden (2006) in $40 million dollar slaves, makes the point that in years gone by the fortunes of African American athletes were circumscribed by violence and intimidation.  Today their fortunes are circumscribed by rules and regulations.  So, raising the bar on ACT and SAT tests serves the same function as “gentleman agreements” in previous generations.  Likewise, when innovations such as “constructed responses” on standardized tests are implemented, the result is lower achievement by African American test takers who are not as proficient as white children in writing. Also included are Legal Action and Legislative Watch.