Public Policy Lecture Series

African-American Children Cannot Wait

May 8, 2010

This biannual event, geared toward activist, concerned citizens, parents, educators and school administrators, will focus on influencing public policy related to African American children in school.


Dalton Conley, Ph.D.
James C. Young, Ed.D.
Amy Wilkins
Brenda Priestly Jackson, Esq.
Janice E. Hale, Ph.D.
Godfrey J. Dillard, Esq.

The goals of the Public Policy Lecture Series are to:

  • Provide organized advocacy for African American children.
  • Promote discussion of policy issues among academics and policymakers/advocates affecting African American children.
  • Promote development of policies and practices that will enhance optimal achievement of African American children in school.

The lecture series will yield recommendations regarding collaborative linkages, applications for program development, contributions to the research agenda, and implications for public policy. The Inaugural Program, scheduled for May 8, 2010, is entitled, "Moving Forward:  The Next Civil Rights Frontier -- It's Time for a Plan to Guide African American Children's Journey Through School."  This meeting is designed to create a long-term strategy for closing the academic achievement gap that affects African American children.  Invited speakers include:

  • Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean for the Social Sciences, New York University, author of Being Black, Living in the Red;
  • Amy Wilkins, Vice President for Government Affairs and Communications, The Education Trust, Washington, D.C., and organization with the mission to close the achievement gap that affects low income children and students of color;
  • Dr. James C. Young, Professor, Clark Atlanta University, Moderator

The Keynote Address, entitled, "Race, Wealth, and the American Dream," will be delivered by Dr. Conley.

Discussants are Co-Chairs of the ISAAC Public Policy Commitee:

  • Godfrey Dillard, J.D., in private practice in Detroit and Atlanta; lead attorney for the Supreme Court University of Michigan Affirmative Action Case;
  • Brenda Priestly Jackson, J.D., Chair of the Duval County School Board, Jacksonville, FL.