Aim & Scope

African American Learners (AAL) is an online peer-reviewed, scholarly journal sponsored by ISAAC to present empirical, theoretical and methodological research and analysis of the home, school, and other environmental factors that impact the learning processes for African American children and adults.

The AAL Journal is interested in publishing studies that examine the latest advances in pedagogical practices that have positively affected African American learners, including those theorized from an African centric perspective. Special features to be included in AAL issues will be scholarly essays, commentaries, curriculum and media reviews, and research briefs.

African American Learners values multiple sources of knowledge and approaches to educational processes, including qualitative (e.g., ethnographic, phenomenological, and case study), quantitative, and mixed-qualitative/quantitative studies. Research articles should also include classroom applications when appropriate. AAL seeks articles that foreground African American culture, cognition, learning styles, epistemologies, and performance in educational settings. While there is a large body of literature that is based on the perceived deficits and deficiencies of African American learners, AAL will highlight the educational methodologies and practices which focus on strengths and successful models of producing learning and social outcomes among African American children and adults.

The primary focus of the journal will be on pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. However, the journal will also be soliciting manuscripts on African American learners and higher education for special theme issues. Research articles will include classroom implications and applications.