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African American Children Cannot Wait Until We Secure Funding

The mission of the Education Advocate Blog is to immediatelyprovide advice and counsel for parents of African American children (and all children) through a volunteer network of editors and consulting editors.  Parents will be provided an opportunity to seek advice from a network of educators who are affiliated with ISAAC.  Parents who have heard about ISAAC have called for advice because the need is so great.  Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and John Brown did not wait for the Emancipation Proclamation before they did something.  Likewise, we cannot wait for our proposals to be funded to provide the advice and support that is desperately needed by the families of our children.

Articles will be posted, information will be shared that will enable families to navigate the educational systems that can be weapons of oppression or instruments of liberation.  By giving families a place to go for advice, we can turn schools that are stumbling blocks into the stepping stones they were intended to be.


Elect this new Graduate Level Course and enhance your marketability as a teacher
or administrator trained to provide leadership in creating solutions to the most
pressing educational challenge in America – closing the achievement gap that
affects African American pupils and students.

The course will be taught by a leading national expert on
the education of African American children, Janice E. Hale,
Ph.D. Dr. Hale is the author of Black Children: Their roots,
culture and learning styles, a book that is required in over
125 courses throughout the nation. Her second and third
books were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize: Unbank the
Fire: Visions for the education of African American children
and Learning while Black: Creating educational excellence
for African American children. Dr. Hale is Professor of
Early Childhood Education and Founding Director of
the Institute for the Study of the African American Child

With special permission, the course can be taken online as a hybid.



Announcement of New Course: Teaching the African American Child

Course Description


This course is the study of ways in which the achievement
gap that affects African American children can be closed.
Issues in the education of African American children
will be approached from the context of cultural and
socioeconomic exigencies. The intent of the course
is to provide educators with sociological tools for
understanding the dynamics of African American families
to enable them to craft viable home-school partnerships.
An equally important goal is to provide educators with
an understanding of the features of African American
culture that impact upon the ways in which African
American children approach academic tasks and behave
in academic settings. This course will involve educators in
developing pedagogical tools for teaching children who
participate in African American culture. Contemporary
theorists in African American education and their theories
will be explored.